Dimensions & Weight
Min. Ground clearance:270mm
Seat Height:810mm
Vehicle weight:50kg
Weight distribution of Fr. Wheel axle:24kg
Weight distribution of Rr. Wheel axle:26kg
Max. load capability:100kg


Angle & Stroke
Forward inclining angle:26°
Steering angle:46°
Front Absorbers stroke:200mm
Rear Absorber/Wheel stroke:87/210mm


Performance & Transmission
Max. motor rotation speed:4500rpm
Cooling method:Air-cooled
Climbing angle:35° (≥45° with accessory kit)
Max. speed:73km/h
Range:100km @ 20km/h
Max. torque:200Nm
Gearshift type and transmission ratio:1:7.6
Transmission type:Belt + Chain
Belt brand and model:ContiTech HTD 8M CXA
Rear sprocket:48T-106 (Standard)


Frame & Shock Absorbers
Frame type:Aluminum alloy double cradles design
Frame colour options:Steel-Grey, Silver-White, Green
Front shock absorber options:RST Killah Forks or DNM USD-8S Forks
Fr. Shock Absorber:Double-tube telescopic shock absorber
Rr. Shock Absorber:Multi-link central shock absorber
350lbs (Standard)


Tires & Brakes
Fr. Tire size:70/100-19
Rr. Tire size:70/100-19
Fr. Wheel type:19 x 1.4
Rr. Wheel type:19 x 1.4
Fr. Brake type:Bilateral 4 piston hydraulic disc brake
Rr. Brake type:Bilateral 4 piston hydraulic disc brake


Electronic Parts
Controller type:48V and 60V self-adaptable
ECU type:GPS Data connection
Horn:European standard horn
Charger type:48V charger, 58.8V @   5A, 6 hour charge
48V charger, 58.8V @ 10A, 3 hour charge
60V charger, 67.2V @ 10A, 3 hour charge
Battery Pack 48 Volt:Configuration: 14S10P
Cells: 140 Knaptech 18650 2500mAh 
Capacity: 25Ah, 1200Wh
Battery Pack 60 Volt:Configuration: 16S11P 
Cells: 176 Panasonic NCR18650PF 2900mAh
Capacity: 32Ah, 1920Wh
Headlight type:LED
Brake light type:LED
USB power source:Single USB socket, 2.1 Amps
Dashboard:IBN negative LCD display


Accessories (Bought Separately)
Super Torque – 58 tooth rear sprocket kit 58T-112For ≥45° angle climb
Supermoto – wheel set 
Pedal kit 
Heavy duty rear shock absorber 450lbs 
Additional battery packs available